Amazing Selling Machine Review, Save Money, Use This

Amazing Selling Machine Course, ASMX Review

Obviously people know what Amazon is now days and most of us have heard of the Amazing Selling Machine so I decided to do a quick ASM review.

It seems like everyone and their mother is putting together a course on how to leverage the Amazon platform to make money.  The Amazing Selling Machine has been around for a bit now and seems to still be making a pretty big splash online even though it is no longer new.

The ASM course was the combined mastermind project of Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.  They currently have a newly updated version of the Amazing Selling Machine course available.  They are calling it ASMX.

The updated course will arm you with everything you need to know to be successful selling retail on the Amazon third party platform.



Hurry Get Your Credit Card Out Join ASMX Before They Close Again?

I looks like the program will only be open for a short time…again?  This doesn’t appear to be a bluff or is it?  I know that the last time they said that they were going to close the doors to new accounts that they actually did!

This obviously puts the pressure on you if you are thinking about joining this program.


ASMX closing its doors

I am sure that this program is a good one.  The only thing I question, even if they updated the program is whether or not you could justify spending $5,000?! Yup it costs around FIVE GRAND!


Amazing Selling Machine ASMX Price



What Do You Get In The ASMX Course For $5K?

It looks like you get a complete education within the Amazing Selling machine course to create a “life-changing business”.  I’ll tell you what…(that’s my nod to Hank Hill which is a cartoon in case you are not familiar with it), paying $5K for a program is life changing.

Amazing Selling Machine Course Components


I have heard all of the arguments for paying $5000 for an “education” and how if this was a college education that it would be cheap.  Well I have some experience in this arena….



$5000 For An Education To Sell On The Amazon Platform

Back over 5 years ago I started selling on the Amazon FBA platform.  I had just left an extremely stressful corporate job that was taking up over 80 hours per week of my time.  Yup being on salary sucked.

I left my corporate job to start a residential cleaning company because I had done research on cleaning companies and found they were one of the easiest and less expensive small businesses to start.

That research is correct.  I still operate this cleaning company on a small scale over 6 years later.  Anyway back to my story….

While I was getting the cleaning company off the ground I decided to do an experiment with selling online.  At that time everyone knew about Ebay but Amazon was not as well known as they are today. books

It took a bit for people to realize that Amazon sold more that just books.

I researched all I could online about the Amazon FBA program (Fulfilled By Amazon) and came across a cheap course for $99 (at that time) which taught how to sell through the FBA program.  I’ll talk about the course a bit further down.

The more I looked into selling through the Amazon FBA program the more I liked what I heard.  Essentially what it is, is selling items that you own on the Amazon site and paying Amazon to warehouse, pick, pack, and send the customer orders as they come in.  They even handle customer service for you!

I thought what could be better!

  • Send items to Amazon’s warehouses
  • Customers order the items
  • Amazon sends the items out to the customers
  • Amazon handles all customer service


My $250 Amazon FBA Experiment

Amazon FBA TestSo I decided to invest $250 in inventory.  The quickest test I thought I would do was to purchase clearance items from Walmart and Big Lots and list them for sale on the Amazon platform.

To my surprise they sold and I made a little profit.  This method of selling is called retail arbitrage.

I continued to use retail arbitrage but I also obtained a wholesale account with an office supply manufacturer and started selling some of their branded products.



$30,000 Profit in 3 Months

costa ricaWhen I got my first wholesale account is when everything took off.  I started selling through FBA in October of that year and by the end of the 4th quarter (end of Dec) I had made a $30,000 profit.

It still seems strange to me….I took some of the profit and went on a vacation to Costa Rica for a week.  I checked on my sales each morning using the computer in the lobby but I don’t think it really sank in how much profit I was making at the time.  I finally understood the potential after I got back to the states and checked and double and triple checked the numbers.



Ok Already Get To The Point!

I guess my point is that Selling on the Amazon platform using the FBA program is definitely a good idea.  One thing you have to keep in mind though is that, in my opinion, it is not necessary to spend $5000 in order to learn how to do it.

I personally would find a less expensive Amazon FBA course and spend some of the savings from not spending 5K and invest that money into inventory to sell instead.


The Amazon FBA Course I Bought For $99

In case you didn’t already click the link for the course above, the course is/was the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum.  After all of these years the price has gone up though.  But it still isn’t anywhere near the $5000 they charge for the Amazing Selling Machine / ASMX.

With the PAC price increase also comes a whole lot more training.  When I bought the course the training site was crap.  You had to muddle through a whole bunch of unorganized training links to find what you wanted to learn.

The PAC training is much more organized  and streamlined today.  You also get significantly more for your money than back in the day.

What is included with the Proven Amazon Course

I believed in this course so much that I drank the Kool aid and even went out to Dallas to attend their second conference.

PAC Dallas Conference

The one thing that turned me off about working with the PAC course and people  that I feel I have to at least mention is that, at least at that time, most of the people involved were very churchy.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with religion but I felt like I had to really be careful about what I said at the conference.

In fact I have a funny story about that…I think I will wait and tell you that when I do a review on the PAC course.  I hope to do that fairly soon.


Streams Of Income And How I Make Money

If you are still here and read this far you already know that I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in one All eggs in one basketbasket so to speak.  I have learned to not rely on one source of income in my life.

I have almost always had more than one source of income because I know that “life happens” sometimes and we have no control over when your income can dry up.  You could be fired, an investment could dry up, the country could have another recession/depression.  You never know what the future holds for you.

As you already know I have a cleaning company and an Amazon FBA business.  There is one other method that I use to make money.  This one too is online.  It is affiliate marketing.

If you are not familiar with what Affiliate Marketing is it is pretty much just like recommending things to your friends. Unlike recommending a fun movie to a friend, with affiliate marketing you get paid when your friends take action like buying something or clicking on a link on a website.

If you want to learn more about how I do this, it won’t cost you anything.

There is free training that you can check out….no credit card required.

Learn About Affiliate Marketing It Doesn’t Cost Anything, There Is No Time Limit, Check It Out And Learn A New Income Skill!

Oh and before I forget, here is my favorite affiliate marketing success story.

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