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Become A Pampered Chef Consultant Find Out If It Is For You

So you want to become a pampered chef consultant but you need a bit more information.  I’ll take a look at exactly what the opportunity is and hopefully provide you with some insight so you will be better informed to make the decision whether or not the Pampered Chef opportunity is the right fit for you.

Become a Pampered Chef Consultant

If You Become A Pampered Chef Consultant Are You Joining An MLM?

Yup the Pampered Chef opportunity is your normal run of the mill MLM.  If you are not familiar with MLMs or direct sales companies, they are based on selling products.  Not to be confused with an illegal pyramid scheme in which you are paid based on recruitment into the program, which again is illegal.

One of the tenets to be a legal MLM is that product has to be sold in order to receive payment.

The Products

pampered chef products

The products that you can sell through the Pampered Chef are kitchenware products.  There is a huge selection of middle price point quality products to choose from.

How You Earn

When you sell product you will earn a commission.  However there are typically additional ways to earn.

For instance the simplest method is to sell the products yourself.  But if you recruit a team of people downlineunderneath you, you gain the possibility to earn overrides on their sales as well.

This explanation is an extremely simplistic version of an MLM.  There are all sorts of rules and procedures involved to insure that you will hit your goals and stay in compliance with the rules so that you can receive your commissions and overrides (if you decide to build a team).

There are also different levels that you can achieve within the organization based on personal and group sales volume.  The theory is that the more people you have under you selling products, the more money you will make.  Sounds simple right.

How Much Will I Make As A Consultant With Pampered Chef?

Here is what their site says about how much you can make:

Some seasoned consultants earn a full-time income and others are happy selling $150 a month to keep an active business for some extra income.

You start earning commission with your first party. Most consultants make at least $300 within their first three parties and earn $100 in free products.

You’re paid by direct deposit twice a month, and you decide how much you earn based on how many parties and sales you have. The more your business grows, the more commission you make. Consultants start at 20% commission and can earn up to 27% commission. If you decide to build a team, you can earn up to an additional 3% commission on your team’s sales, plus bonuses like free products each season, points toward fabulous vacations, and additional training.

Minimum You Have To Sell

Although I tried to find a copy of the Pampered Chef compensation plan I couldn’t find a current one.  I did find a statement that says that in order to “enjoy the perks” of being a consultant that you should submit at least $150 in personal sales “consistently”?

I really don’t know what they mean by consistently….is this each month, week? I assume they mean $150 in PV each month based on this statement:

Some seasoned consultants earn a full-time income and others are happy selling $150 a month to keep an active business for some extra income.

This is something that you will have to be very aware of.  Make sure you read the entire agreement and comp plan and that you understand it fully before purchasing any “starter kit”.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

Pampered Chef Starter kits

A basic starter kit will run you around $100 and will include everything you will need to start your consulting business.

You will have to choose which kit you would like at the time that you sign up to be a consultant.  There is also a method to become a consultant where you can host a party and use part of your “host reward” towards your starter kit price.  If your party earns you as a host, enough rewards it could bring your starter kit price down to $49.  It all depends on the sales that your party generates.

Who Started Pampered Chef?

Doris ChristopherDoris Christopher is the founder and current Chairman of the company.  Doris started the company from the basement of her home in Chicago in 1980.

She had the notion that there was a need for kitchen tool designed to save time and paired them with techniques to make meals quick and easy.

She decided that a great way to sell her products was to offer in home cooking demonstrations directly to the customer by Pampered Chef Consultants.

Today the company has grown to be worth millions of dollars and has 10’s of thousands of consultants working with them worldwide.

In 2002 Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway bought Pampered Chef for an undisclosed amount.  It has been speculated that the purchase price was around $900 million dollars.

Should You Join Pampered Chef?

My experiences with multi level marketing companies goes way back.  Back in the day I tried selling Amway (I live in Michigan, this is where Amway originated), Strategic Telecom Systems or STS for short which was a prepaid calling card MLM, and I also tried Herbalife.

I achieved varying degrees of success with 2 out of the 3 companies.  None of the success was anything substantial and nowhere near what all of the hype about the companies led you to believe that you would earn.

But if you enjoy cooking and spending time with people I suppose you could try this as a side gig to earn a 20%-30% commission.  Personally I don’t want to spend time driving to parties and spending time with a bunch of people that I really don’t know just for the chance that I might move some product for what I consider  a low commission (though 20-30% is ok for an mlm).

My Thoughts On A better Way

Let’s say that the reason you were looking at being Pampered Chef consultant was because you like to cook and you thought you could teach people a thing or two about cooking at these pampered chef parties.

What if you could make a higher commission and still talk and education people about your passion?  Well there is.  It is called affiliate marketing.  Basically you can start a site online and earn commissions recommending products that you believe in.  Some products provide up to 75% commissions.

Wouldn’t it be great to have control over when you work and have the ability to earn more than what you would being a consultant at a party?

If you want to learn more you can read a post I made about the free program that I used and am still a member of to this day.  The opportunity is a real one…free for the starter lessons….no payment info required.  This is not a limited trial you can keep your free membership for as long as you would like to.

Wishing you the best in what ever you choose to do.

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