Best Online Dating Affiliate Programs Top Picks

I’ll be talking about the best online dating affiliate programs in a bit and in particular my top picks of  online dating affiliate programs.  But first let’s take a quick look at the industry as a whole and why you may want to get into this niche or even dive deeper into the sub niches in the online dating industry.

Dating Services Trend In The US As An Industry

As a whole industry, dating has shown solid growth over the past five years.

  • Annual growth between 2014-2019 increased 11%
  • Total revenue in 2019 was 3 billion ($3,000,000,000)
  • The number of business also increased to 2254

Reasons Behind Successful Online Dating Services Trend

Back in the day online dating services where a bit shady and looked down upon somewhat.  But now since more and more people are living vicariously through social media and all of the apps in the world, it has become more acceptable.

Since everyone is addicted to their smartphones it is no surprise that companies that are able to take advantage of the rising smartphone adoption in the U.S. have become particularly successful.

With 5G technology right around the corner, my personal opinion is, I think that we will become even more connected and this trend will continue way into the future.

Is Online Dating A Good Niche?

When it comes to niche selection for affiliate marketing the general rule is to stay in the health, wealth, and relationship niches.

What you need to keep in mind though is that each of these categories are huge.  The trick is to be more specific and to “niche down” into those categories to find the hidden gems that are not too competitive.

Online Dating Is In The Relationship Niche

When I first got my feet wet with affiliate marketing and it was really easy to rank for top level keywords I operated a niche specific dating review site.  I was all about easy money and put up a minimal amount of site reviews and organically drove traffic to the site using article sites and hub pages.

Now days these methods are not really as effective but the point is, if you want to be competitive with the best online dating affiliates then you better niche down and target a specific segment of online dating.

You even see that this is starting to happen by the online dating sites themselves.  Now you see sites targeting:

  • Specific States
  • Hobbies
  • Professions
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Income status
  • Alternative relationships
  • Political affiliation
  • Religions
  • Ethinicity
  • Sports

There are too many variations to even list here.  In fact while I was researching I came across the Passions Affiliate Network program which boasts over 260 segmented dating sites within their affiliate network.

So you can get an idea of how strange this can get, here are a few of the sub niches within their network:

  • Star Trek
  • Zombies
  • Pirates
  • Mullets
  • Cosplay
  • Nerds

This should give you some idea about how specific you can get and how far you can deep dive into the online dating affiliate network’s sub sub niches.

This is kind of cool though because if you are interested in a something you can probably find an online dating affiliate program designed specifically for your particular interest.

You then however need to do some research and determine if the market is big enough for you to make money in that particular sub niche.  Chances are though, if there is an affiliate program for it, the sites are making money.  Logic dictates that it the program wouldn’t stick around if it wasn’t profitable.

I hope that makes sense.

Top Picks Of Online Dating Affiliate Programs With Sub Niches

As you probably figured out by now that I think the top level online dating affiliate programs are super competitive so I won’t be listing their affiliate programs unless they offer sub niches within their network.

These are in no particular order or rank but are rather programs that I think have good possibility of success for an affiliate.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder Affiliate program

I have to confess that I am a bit biased about this affiliate program because before when I mentioned that I dipped my toes into affiliate marketing way back when (this affiliate network has been around since 1996), this was the affiliate program that I partnered with.

Although the particular site that I made some money with doesn’t seem to be operating anymore they doAFF sub niches have a number of sites for you to promote.  Each with a slightly different slant.

They have different commission programs which determine how much you can earn.  For example you can receive up to 75% on the initial order and then 55% recurring commissions.

Or you can choose to sign up for the lead program and earn up to $5 per lead.

Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest dating affiliate networks out there.

They boast of :

  • Over 30 high-converting sites to target your traffic
  • Experienced affiliate managers here to answer your questions 24/7
  • Weekly payouts ensure you get your money fast
aff payout options
You can choose how you would like to be paid by program

If you want to research the Adult Friend Finder offerings a bit more you can access them at:

I also found another affiliate program which I believe belongs to the same group of sites that Adult Friend Finder operates.  It looks like it is similar to their site but is niche specific to the gay segment of the market.

It is and you can find the affiliate sign up at:


Passions Network

Passions network trek passions
Example of a sub niche withing the Passions network

Although I don’t have personal experience with this program I find the sheer number of sub niches that passions this program offers astounding!

They don’t offer the greatest affiliate payouts either but if you have a site that happens to be in one of their sub niches then you may be able to add a simple link and earn some extra cash.

They claim to operate over 260 sites.

The sites themselves are free to join but the members can gain access to all the sites by upgrading.

For an upgrade to “network wide access” the price is $4.95 per month or they can pay for a “lifetime membership” for $29.95.

The affiliate payout like I said is minimal, for every member that you send that converts to an upgraded option withing the 255 day cookie timeframe, you will earn $4.

Like I said not great but if you already have traffic on a niche related site it could mean a bit extra for you with minimal effort.

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

If you are just beginning your affiliate journey and want to learn the most effective ways to drive traffic and conversions you can do what I did.

I used the free affiliate training here to learn the ins and out of affiliate marketing.  I learned what actually works and not just the latest and greatest technique.  This program is brutally honest about what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Wishing you all the best in your quest to make money online.

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.  Also if you found this post helpful in any way go ahead and share it by using the social media buttons.

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