is affiliate marketing for beginners

Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ?

If you have been online for any length of time you have probably thought about trying affiliate marketing at some point.  But you might be wondering: is affiliate marketing for beginners? After reviewing some of the information that is out there you may have been turned off to the idea.  I will be the first to tell you that affiliate marketing is totally for beginners and experienced marketers alike.  In fact I think it is the least risky and most newbie friendly method out there if done the correct way.

Affiliate Marketing Risks and Barriers To Entry

As I have stated before, there are so many ways to make money online that it can give you information overload.  After you start poking around online looking for the best way to do it you may just get confused and give up.  Most of the information you will find online will try to make the process seem harder and more confusing than what it should be.

Blogging The Least Risky Affiliate Marketing Method

Affiliate marketing is what I call referral marketing.  What you do is simply refer products or services to people. If they complete your desired action you will earn a commission.  The actions that you are trying to have them complete can vary from purchasing an item, filling out a form, joining a membership site and so on.

The least risky way to get affiliate sales in my opinion is to start a blog.  Whenever I start a new income stream I like to try to start it with as little money outlay as possible.  Yup I’m cheap!

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to start a blog.  All it takes is to purchase a domain name. Once you have your name then you will need somewhere to host your blog.  A domain name and hosting does not cost a lot especially if you are new to the process.  Namecheap (for a domain name) and Bluehost (to host your blog) usually have first time purchaser deals, be sure to check them out!

I also like to throw this out there too.  If you want to learn affiliate marketing through a program that will also give you free hosting of your site you might want to check out the program that I am a member of. It is free to join.  Check it out here.

What To Blog About

If you decide to use a blog to do affiliate marketing you will have to decide what your blog will be about.  Your best bet is to focus your blog on something quite specific.  I am sure you heard talk of choosing a niche before?  This is just a fancy way of saying that you should narrow down the topic that you want your blog to be about.

This seems to be tricky for people for some reason.  The trick is to not narrow it down too much so you run out of things to write about.  On the other hand you don’t want to be so broad that you don’t focus in on any particular thing either.

The basic idea, once you figured out what to blog about is to write naturally and then recommend products or services when they come up during your writing.

I Am Baffled, Where Do I Start?

In order to get paid for the products and services that you recommend you will have to share links to the sites where the products are found.  These links are special links called affiliate links.  You will have to sign up for an affiliate program in order to get these links.  Without them you will not get paid your commission.

All of the information to start affiliate marketing is readily available for free online.  It is possible to trudge through all of the information online and figure it out on your own, or you can join a program like Wealthy Affiliate for free and follow a step by step process.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best free program of its’ kind that i have found.  They have stood the test of time and have been around for a looonnngg time.


Wrapping Up The Process

So to wrap up the steps to a very simple affiliate marketing process in the very simplest terms

  1. Pick a topic or niche to create a blog about.
  2. Choose and purchase a domain name.  Choose a name here
  3. Create a hosting account to host your blog on (this will make your domain name live on the internet) Get hosting here
  4. Get some affiliate links of products or services that you would like to recommend to your readers by joining affiliate programs.
  5. Write blog posts about your topic and recommend products using your affiliate links as they come up naturally in your posts.

The easiest way to work through the affiliate marketing process step by step is to join the Wealthy Affiliate program for free.




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