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Is The Achievement App A Scam? Is It Worth Your Time?

Who best benefits from the Achievement App lets look into it and determine whether it is a scam or legit.  I am all about the side hustle, giggin’ and adding additional income streams to to my portfolio but they have to be a viable and consistent method for me to use them.

I have looked at so many of these apps that claim you can make money from them.  Only to find out that most of them actually do offer you a way to earn however the likelihood of your earning anything substantial is very slim.

What Is The Achievement App?

The Achievement App is obviously an App that you can download from either the Apple store or Google Play if you have an Adroid phone.

The app has been around for some time already and currently has over 3 million members.  From what I can tell at first glance, is that you are giving the creators of the app permission to track your different activities by linking apps that you currently use and then those statistics can be used in different medical studies? Or do they only share info from studies you agree to take part in.  I am a bit unclear on this point because of their terms of service statements (see the quote below further down the page).

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An example of what I am talking about is shown by the following article from their site dated from  2017. In the article they reference Achievement users data that was linked to the app from the users fitbits:

“One of the things we were curious about investigating was whether there were differences in sleep patterns between Achievement members who live in World Series cities (e.g. Houston or Los Angeles) to see if we could detect changes in the amount of time spent in bed. The theory being, you are more likely to stay up and watch the game if your home team is in the World Series.

Luckily, in order to test this hypothesis, we are able to observe minute level activity data supplied via user’s Fitbit devices. This data allows us to infer a number of things about a user’s sleeping behavior – one of which is how long they spent in bed on a particular night.”

What Is Done With Your Data?

If you choose to use the Achievement App you need to be aware that the information that you share basically isn’t yours anymore once you share it with the app.  Here is what the TOS have to say about it:

“User Content License

By making any User Content available through the Services you agree to and hereby grant Achievement a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, create derivative works based upon, distribute, publicly display and perform, and distribute your User Content (i) in connection with operating and providing the Services and Achievement Content to you and (ii) to third parties, as instructed or requested by you.”


How Do You Use The Achievement App?

achievement app steps

If you don’t mind sharing  your data and want to use the app to earn a bit of cash then all you have to do is-

  • Download the app
  • Link up to 20 apps that you already use or would like to use
  • Earn points by conducting activities like walking, logging your food, tracking your sleep etc.

Ways To Earn Points

  • Earn up to 80 points per day for each type of tracked activity (biking, walking, running, swimming and other forms of exercise) you do
  • up to 6 points per day for daily activities you do, such as logging food, sleep tracking, weighing yourself, meditating, sharing your health journey on Twitter, and more
  • Earn bonus points through the Offers tab
  • Points don’t expire

How Much Will You Earn With The Achievement App?

achievement app payout options

By the sounds of it not a whole lot.  If you are expecting to add any substantial income from the app I wouldn’t hold my breath.  You have the potential to earn $10 for every 10,000 points.  I like to think of these points more like rewards points that you get from using a credit card.  They are just a bonus for something that I am already doing.

How Do I Get My Cash?

Once or better yet if you are able to hit the 10,000 point level in order to earn the $10 payout you have the option to have your money direct deposited into your bank account, paid to you through PayPal, or you can donate your earnings to charity.

Achievement App Not A Scam But Know The Deets

I would say to use the achievement app if you already are using some of the other apps that you can sync to Achievement.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to download other apps in hopes to earn more points through the app.

Again use it if you want to just earn a few points for doing what you’re already doing. Then someday in the future you might even be able to earn $10  woo  hoo!!

I like the idea behind the app but realistically you are probably not going to earn a lot compared to the amount of the time you put in.

Personally I think my time is worth more than a few bucks.  That is why I concentrate my time on my different online income streams.  They don’t involve mobile apps.

The beginner course that I used to learn how to make money online is currently open to new free members.  Yup the Beginner Course Is FREE!  Go through the first 10 lessons and see if it is something that you might want to pursue.  The income potential is there but it does take a bit of consistent work but not money!

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