Jordan Essentials Products – Can You Make Money With Them?

Jordan Essential Products is a pretty standard MLM which focuses their products on primarily skin care.  Their tagline on the website is “Healthy Skin, Healthy Life.

The Beginning Of Jordan Essential Products

jEThe company was founded by Nancy Bogart back in 2000.  Back then the company had a different name.  She called it Country Bunny.

Nancy’s first product was a lotion bar which she “cooked” up in her home kitchen.  She offered these bars at craft shows and found the demand so high that she kept selling out.

Nancy decided that she didn’t want to go the traditional route with her business.  Which would have been to sell into retailers and secure placement on their shelves.  She decided instead to partner with friends and family and created a multi level marketing company.

Within 6 months she went from hawking her wares at craft shows to launching her own direct sales company.

country bunny
This is what comes to mind when I hear country bunny…..

Since that time she renamed the business to Jordan Essentials.  If you were wondering where the name came from like I was…it is in reference to the Jordan River and its’ healing spirits and the earth’s essential elements.

I for one am glad the name was updated.  Country Bunny was a bit cutesy for my taste.  Hey but that’s just me.

The Jordan Essential Products

jordan essentials tagline

Jordan Essential’s primary position on their products is to include the things that are good for you and to leave the toxins out.

Here is what they have to say about the items that they will never include in their products and why:

“Aluminum – This controversial ingredient was linked in a 2005 study to be related to an increase in breast cancer cells because it blocks the ability to sweat, which is why is it used in commercial deodorants. Our bodies were made to sweat we just do not have to stink! The evidence is inconclusive as well as the 50 year debate that prolonged use can cause Alzheimers. At Jordan Essentials we have solutions so you do not need to temp fate or use ingredients that are questionable.

Gluten – While this wheat-based protein doesn’t affect everyone, to protect those with gluten sensitivities, we’ve made sure to leave gluten out of our products.

Isopropyl Alcohol – Great for the medical community to sterilize, not good for skin care! A cheap ingredient often added to skin care can actually be drying and irritating.

Mineral Oil – It is the same the key ingredient in the Baby oil our mothers used, but it’s an occlusive agent, which means it blocks the pores and disrupts the skin’s natural respiration process. A 2011 Journal of Women’s Health study reported that “mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body.”

Parabens – Cosmetic companies add parabens to their products to preserve them from bacteria, yeast, and mold, but some studies have linked this preservative to breast cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) – These chemicals, can irritate your skin, lungs, and eyes. Who wants that?

From what I see at first glance the products appear to be top rate and priced kind of middle of the road.  They aren’t going to be the most expensive product.  But they also aren’t the quality of product that you could  just pick up at your local Walgreens store.

The target customer is going to be someone that is concerned with the quality of ingredients in the products that they use are are willing to spend a bit more than the low end or every day commodity items that are available everywhere.

Jordan Essentials Product Price Points

Think typical boutique store shoppers. They would be a good target.  They want something special without going for the totally high end price point.

Why The Quality Of The Products Is Important

Since Jordan Essentials is an mlm, network marketing, direct sales or whatever you want to call it. Your success or failure hinges on your ability to secure product sales.

downlineThis can be done in a combination of one or two ways:

  1. Your personal sales.
  2. Your group sales and your personal sales.  That is, if you choose to build a group to earn a portion of their group sales volume.

So the product has to be a quality item if you are going to have sales or better yet repeat customers.  It appears that the products tick this box.

Another thing that is good about the products are that they are consumable products.  Quality consumable products at an acceptable price point create a repeat customer base.

What Does It Cost To Join Jordan Essentials?

In order to join the program as an independent contractor you will obviously have to purchase product. business enrollment kit After all that is what the company is all about.  In order to be a legal mlm you have to sell product and not pay just for recruiting a team.

This starter product will set you back $99.  Not too steep.  Here is how they explain the  starter fee in their terms of service document:

I am enrolling as a Jordan Essentials Essentials Consultant for $99.00 and I am at least 18 years of age. This program includes: retail products, training programs, monthly newsletters, and corporate home office support. I understand I will remain active in the system unless I contact the home office denoting otherwise.

Note that they state, “This program includes: retail product….” This is one of the methods that makes this program legal and on the up and up.

Making Sales And Getting Customers

Host a Jordan Essentials Spa Bar

The easiest way to make sales is to either host a party yourself or have someone host the party with you Hostess bonusas the sales consultant.  If you do a party the second way there is a benefit for the host in that they can “earn” toward products.

If you have ever heard of the old “Tupperware” parties, this method is similar to those.

It is technically your business though, so anyway you can think of to drive business, that doesn’t violate the terms of service agreement  would also be ok.

Money To Be Made?

So how much do you make as a Jordan Essentials Product consultant?  That was the first thing I asked.

Here is what it states in the FAQ section from their site:

“Consultants earn 25-35% commission on their personal sales volume and the percentage is based on the amount of sales submitted in a calendar month. For example, by submitting $1500 in sales volume (one $375 event per week) – you would earn $450 (30%). If you submitted two $375 events per week, you would earn $1,050 (35%).

You also have the opportunity to earn additional overrides and bonuses simply by helping others do what you do. Should you choose to build a team, you will earn 3-12% overrides on their sales volume. So you have the opportunity to increase your commission in a variety of ways.”

Ok here is where things get a bit sticky.  If you are new to this type of business you have remain painfully aware of the rules of the game.

Personal sales targets, group sales targets, downlines and uplines, these are just the normal things that you will have to be aware of within your organization.

Jordan Essentials rules
35 pages of fun filled reading of rules and regs.

I couldn’t find an up to date compensation plan link on their site but I did find a pdf of their Basic Policies and Procedures from June of 2018.  It is basically 35 pages of rules and regulations to protect Jordan Essentials.

My Take On The Opportunity

I am not going to tell you not to go for the Jordan Essentials opportunity because I too have fallen for the hype and claims of “easy money” with various MLMs.

I have made a little (very little) money with them before the sales petered out all together.

What you really need to keep in mind are all of the rules and regulations of running “your” business.  This in itself should tell you something.  If you are an independent contractor for the company and you are running your business why can’t you do whatever you want with “your” business?  Don’t be misled all of the rules are there for a reason and most likely aren’t in your favor.

If you like throwing parties and selling to friends and family then go for it!  But make sure to ask yourself whether the party goers are purchasing because they want to or are they just supporting you?

The last thing anyone wants if for someone to feel obligated to buy something.  This just creates bad feelings.

Better Way

I know that there is a better way to earn extra cash.  After all like I said I have been where you are with these types of MLM/network marketing gigs.

If you are serious about starting a business that is a real business with longevity and serious income potential over time.  You should probably take a look at affiliate marketing online.  You can make serious commissions for discussing things that you are truly interested in.

You won’t have to concern yourself with uplines and downlines and all of that mumbo jumbo. You get to pocket all of the profits.

You can create an affiliate website about any topic that you have an interest in and promote ANY product or item from ANY company.  You are not limited.  The commissions you can earn, generally run from 5%-75% but can even be a bit higher depending on the item.

The cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to be successful in an online business is through affiliate marketing.  Especially for someone without experience with starting a business.

There are millions of other successful affiliates making commissions online. I learned about affiliate marketing through a free online course.  If this even remotely peaks your interest you can read the blog post I wrote about it.  No pressure but the program is free and you can learn about it through my post.  

If you find value in this post feel free to share it through the social media buttons.  Also if you want to share any of your experiences with any mlm or network marketing company feel free to leave a comment about it.



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