Looking For Askwonder Reviews Need A Side Gig?

If you’re looking for Askwonder reviews then most likely either you are looking to have some research done for you or you are looking for a side hustle for some extra income.  If you are looking for the latter then there are some things you need to know.

What Is Askwonder

askwonder providesAskwonder is a membership site that provides answers to almost anything that a person or company may be researching.

It is like having a mess of researchers at your disposal whenever you need them.

The Askwonder site boasts of :

  • A fast turnaround time
  • Unlimited Scale – with over 6000 analysts available at the push of a button
  • Hassle free user experience

What Kinds Of Information Do Users Ask For?

If you have an paid membership then you can pretty much ask them to do any type of research that you need.  Here are a few example questions that they have on their site of research requests:

How much time does the average person spend browsing Netflix before watching?”

As you can see the types of research requests can be quite varied.  They can be quite simple to very complex.  Because Askwonder gives you access to a lot of analysts you basically can crowdsource your research project.

How You Can Make Money From Askwonder

Now that you know what the site is about.  From a money making side gig point of view you can hook up with Askwonder from what I see in a couple different ways.

The Askwonder Positions

First you will need to decide which position you want to apply for.  You can apply to be a Sourcer or a Researcher.

Askwonder positions

These are obviously two different positions and therefore offer different things including the pay rate.  They also have different experience requirements.

Askwonder positions pay

Fill Out The Application

They have quite a detailed application process.  So if you are unsure of which positions is best for you then I would suggest starting with the Sourcer position and see how you like it.  If it is a good fit for you then look into the Researcher portion.

askwonder application process for researcher

On the Researcher app they ask you to provide information about a bunch of things like:

  • A link to your Linkedin profile
  • Highest level of education
  • They ask for a copy of your current CV / Resume

Those are just a few of the items they ask for just in the beginning of the process.  Also this is where I stopped the application process.  Personally I am not looking at another side gig but rather was looking into how easy it was to sign up for the program.

Unless a program is going to guarantee me a regular income, I have a hard time jumping through too many hoops just to join the program in  hopes that I can make some extra money through them.

Oh I almost forgot you also are require to take a test to be accepted into their program.

Askwonder Reviews

When you are looking for user experience with a particular program it is always a bit tricky.  You never really know if the review was from a disgruntled person or if the reviewer perhaps has another agenda.

Online if is extremely easy to fake reviews.  Just look at Amazon I recently read that some sellers are paying people to give their products good reviews so that they can game Amazon’s algorithms.  This is obviously in direct violation of the Amazon platform’s terms of service.  Anyway that is a whole separate topic for a different post.

The point that I am trying to get to is you may not be able to trust the reviews that you come across regarding a program.

Here is what I found regarding Askwonder regarding their Researcher position:

Askwonder Reviews Glass Door

This data doesn’t appear to have been updated for years.  This in itself makes me suspicious of the review rating.  I also found it odd that only 12 reviews were English speaking?

During my research I also noticed that people where finding the research review process difficult and frustrating.  After completing your research you submit it for review.  Then wait for the feedback.  Several people have found that the feedback was very vague to take action on so that they could correct any issues to get paid.

Again you really don’t know if you can believe this or if maybe the person was making excuses for incomplete work.

Final Thoughts Regarding

My suspicion is that is a site that you could potentially make some money with.  However that being said, it looks like they do extensive vetting to gain access to the program.  Once you are accepted there appears to be quite a learning curve to determine what exactly is expected as far as quality research.

It appears that several revisions of your work may be needed before the work is accepted and you qualify for payment.

There are numerous ways to earn some extra cash online today.  With the side gig economy being so popular most of the side hustles are pretty much like regular jobs.  You trade your time for money.

If you are willing to work hard in the beginning to reap cash in the future there is one method that has been around for a long time that has proven to be profitable online.

It is called Affiliate Marketing you may or may not be familiar with it and how it works.  You can learn more about it by reading a post I did about a free program that gives you 10 FREE Starter Lessons with no strings attached.


If you have any experience with Askwonder I would be interested in hearing about it in the comments below.  Also if you found value in this post, feel free as always to share it by using the social media buttons below.

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