Peerfly Scam – Did Peerfly Close?

If you are wondering if Peerfly is a scam you may have already missed the boat.  Peerfly was an affiliate network for around 11 years.  Peerfly officially closed its “doors” on July 31st, 2019.  Should an affiliate network with and extremely successful history closing be of concern to you?

Peerfly Scam?

Don’t Worry About Peerfly Being Closed

First off you never have to worry about an affiliate network closing.  That is, if you are worried about the affiliate marketing business model still being a viable way to earn a living.  There is not shortage of other affiliate networks to choose from.  Rest assured that affiliate marketing is alive and well and will always be an evolving method to generate an online income.

Why Peerfly Closed

I was wondering what would cause a successful network to close after almost 11 years?  Here is what was posted on the Peerfly site:

Affiliate marketing is alive and well. However, the particular model that PeerFly was built on no longer represents the most efficient or cost-effective method for generating new sales and leads for advertisers. Over the years, many advancements in online marketing have created new low barriers of entry for businesses who want to control their marketing internally. Platforms like Facebook have dominated the ability to precisely target an audience and have made it incredibly easy to scale. Combined with a great economy, where businesses are okay risking marketing dollars to find the right audience, the model of the “Affiliate Network” is one that doesn’t work nearly as well in 2019 as it did just 5 years earlier.

I was initially very confused by this statement.  After all there are so many other successful affiliate networks that have been around for just as long as the award winning Peerfly, that still remain active and profitable.

Peerfly awards

So I decided to do some more digging into the matter.

Peerfly Isn’t Really Gone

After digging a bit deeper into the reason for closing Peerfly I noticed on their blog a post giving some further insight into the strategy.  Here is what the Director of Marketing at Peerfly wrote:

Over the years, a lot has changed. When PeerFly first launched, we were one of the few networks built on a custom platform. That gave us a nice competitive advantage at the time, but as I said, a lot has changed.

Today, 3rd party platforms go beyond what we ever had in mind 10 years ago.

That is why I am happy to announce that PeerFly will be moving its platform to TUNE (formally HasOffers).

Luke goes on to say that they have been looking months to find a place to migrate roughly 100,000 affiliates.  They had been looking for a platform with the ability and resource to better maintain its’ program.

peerfly migrated to tune

He mentions that their current platform is dated and when they looked into the resources that were needed to maintain it that it just didn’t make sense.  When you look at what the other platforms have done in the market it just made more sense to migrate all publisher and advertiser accounts to Tune.

Change And Adapt

If you have been in the internet marketing, affiliate marketing, or make money online space for any length of time you will have noticed that things can change very quickly.  Whether it’s due to a Google algorithm change, the latest greatest ad platform, or even a new social media medium.

The point that I am so poorly trying to make is that, like any other business operated today, you have to stay aware of the “playing field” and adapt and change with the changes in the market environment in order to remain a viable enterprise.

This is exactly what Peerfly has done by partnering with Tune.

Tune partner for networks

Sign Up With Peerfly

So now you may be wondering if you can still sign up for Peerfly offers as an affiliate.  Yup you still can.  It looks like even though their platform is now managed through Tune that you can still access the site to sign up to be an affiliate just like before.  Although I think there may be a glitch in their sign up process.  I am still waiting on a email code verification number to be sent to me (I may have to contact their support team to get the code).

Why Sign Up For Peerfly?

Peerfly has been around for over a decade with unparalleled success and definitely far from a scam .  They have won numerous awards over the years.  I have great respect for Peerfly as a company based on their current action to migrate their platform to Tune.  This just shows that they are aware of their limitations and take the steps to be successful by partnering with someone who has the ability to make Peerfly flourish even more in the years to come.

peerfly benefits

There are tons of affiliate networks to choose from when you are looking for a product to promote through affiliate marketing.  If this is all a bit confusing to you at the moment or maybe you are just getting started online.  I would like to turn you on to how I learned about affiliate marketing when I got my start.

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