Ruby Ribbon Complaints Are There Any?

What’s Up With The Ruby Ribbon Complaints?

Looking into Ruby Ribbon?  Looking for Ruby Ribbon complaints?  You will be hard pressed to find them!  I was investigating the Ruby Ribbon opportunity and the first thing I did was to look for complaints about them.  What I found was odd and yet encouraging.

In fact since I was looking for complaints about the company from an income opportunity stand point, I only could find one negative post.  That post was on and was from a “Consultant”  that quite frankly sounded disgruntled about their personal experience and did not seem to be a company-wide issue.  I assume that this person was what in Ruby Ribbon vernacular is a Stylist not a “Consultant”.

I found that the lack of complaints about the Ruby Ribbon experience to be encouraging.  Usually if a company is not on the up and up or is misleading people,  in order to persuade people to join their opportunity, there will be a slew of negative feedback and complaints about them.  Don’t make the mistake in thinking that even if some people have negative experiences with a company, that the company is automatically bad.  This is not always the case.

People have bad experiences with companies for many different reasons.  A lot of the time people will simply try to trash the company because they personally did not put in the work to make money with the company which simply translates to them not understanding fully what it would take to make money with the company.

There are no make money quickly shortcuts.  Whatever opportunity you look at there is plenty of work to be done in order to make money.

Also, don’t be taken in by any best case scenarios that are presented on a website.  I am sure that you have seen the disclaimers that say, “These results are not typical and personal results may vary”.

So at first glance the lack of Ruby Ribbon complaints is a good first sign of a legit company.

Let’s dig a bit deeper now.

My Ruby Ribbon review will be broken down into the following areas:

  • What is Ruby Ribbon
  • How Ruby Ribbon works the nuts and bolts
  • Is Ruby Ribbon a scam or legit?
  • A Time Tested Method That Will Bring In The Cash

What Is Ruby Ribbon? is considered a “Social Selling” fashion company.  If you have ever heard of a Tupperware party then you already know what “social selling” is about.  Ruby Ribbon is a fashion MLM.

They sell various articles of women’s clothing through independent consultants which they call “Stylists”.

According to a section on their website they state the following:

The products are sold exclusively through a national network of independent personal stylists who conduct “pop-up” events in venues including living rooms, offices and salons and sell online through personal websites. Stylists use the latest in social media and technology to build their businesses and increase their sales footprint while drawing inspiration from Ruby Ribbon’s core beliefs: entrepreneurship, friendship and camaraderie.

I noticed one thing in this statement that concerned me.  The part where they state “The products are sold exclusively through a national network of independent personal stylists”.  I’ll talk about my concern regarding this statement a little later though.

Ruby Ribbon was founded by Anna Zomosa in 2011. The company is based in Burlingame, CA and New York City.

The company is funded and backed by Trinity Ventures and Mohr Davidow Ventures and Ruby Ribbons had their first sales event in 2012.


How To Make Money With Ruby Ribbon

According to everything I’ve seen so far it appears that Ruby Ribbon has quality women’s fashion apparel that is in demand and of good quality. This is great since if you partner with them you want to be able to promote a product that people want.

What Do I Have To Do To Be Successful With Ruby Ribbons?

First you will have to become a Stylist.

Our Stylists are an unapologetically intimate group of business owners. As a Stylist it’s your job to create a fun, judgement free environment where women can openly talk about their uniques bodies.

Some say our Stylists are Boob Whisperers, others say they are Game Changers, but everyone says Thank You! We support our Stylists with training, perks, up to 40% commission, and a one-of-a-kind product that flawlessly fits women of all sizes,

When you become a Stylist it enables you to sell Ruby Ribbon products through what they call “trunk shows”.  These trunk shows are the equivalent to a Tupperware party from the late 70’s.

Basically you hold a party to sell the products and you get a commission.

Make no mistake about it….this is Direct Selling.  In my opinion direct sales takes a special type of person to make it lucrative.  If the thought of hosting in person events doesn’t fit with your personality or style of doing things you might want to take a look at an alternative that doesn’t cost you any money up front to learn.  Read my thoughts about this no cost to learn method.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Ruby Ribbon As A Stylist?

To become a Ruby Ribbon Stylist you will have to purchase one of three starter kits ranging in price from $249-$549.  They also offer a “mini start” which will set you back $149.

Ruby Ribbon Starter Kits

You will need inventory to be successful with the Ruby Ribbons plan.  You earn commissions when you sell the inventory but just like other Multi Level Marketing companies this is not the full story.

The Full Story Of The Ruby Ribbons Compensation Plan

You can earn up to 40% commissions on your personal sales.  However you only qualify for the higher personal rate after you become part of the “leadership team”.

Your earnings are based on a tiered compensation plan based on sales and recruitment.  The lowest level of compensation is the Stylist.

Ruby Ribbon Stylist Compensation

To get to the Leadership level you need to recruit sales people or other Stylists to your team and under you.

To qualify for the lowest Leadership level which is ” Leader” the minimum requirement is $4500 in Central Team sales with $1500 of personal sales volume and 3 personally sponsored “Stylists”.

If you are ever able to get to the top leadership level which is the Executive Director level you will then  get paid up to 4 levels below you provided you tick all of the qualifiers for that level.

Ruby Ribbon Compensation Plan

I don’t know about your experiences with MLM companies but these types of compensation plans, no matter how clear the company thinks that they are explaining them, always seem a bit confusing.

They always tend to become crystal clear after you sign up and realize just what you have to do to make money with the program and then instantly is doesn’t seem quite as easy as you thought it was.

Thankfully there are alternative ways to make a living.

Now Back To What Concerns Me About The Company Statement

Back up in the “What Is Ruby Ribbon” section I mentioned that something bothered me about the company statement:

The products are sold exclusively through a national network of independent personal stylists…

If this is a true statement, then great.  However I went to their main site and placed an order as a guest (without creating an account).  I did not complete the order however.

I did this to see if there was anything stopping a customer from going directly to the site and ordering products without using a “Stylist” or lack of a better term a sales consultant who is trying to run their independent business by selling products for a commission. Of course I’m talking about the MLM portion of this company.

Maybe I missed something but if a customer can just go to the site and order they might be inclined to skip the “trunk show”, party, or whatever you want to call it and order directly with the company and cut out the middle woman which means they won’t get a commission.

If this is indeed the case it concerns me.  In today’s marketplace more and more people are skipping going to stores and ordering online instead.  It saves time and hassle.  Just look at the success of Amazon.

I agree that this requires further investigation.  Possibly contacting the company and asking about this.

Although I have concerns about the customer being able to order directly from the website I don’t have any doubt that if you are a “go getter” and fully understand how you get paid and what it will take to build a successful Multi Level Marketing business then I think this might be a good fit for you.

Just so you have some more facts and know the reality of average earnings with Ruby Ribbon here is their Income Disclosure as of the date of this review.

Ruby Ribbons Average Earnings

Currently the income averaged out for the last 12 month period for a Stylist was $1500 or an average of $125/month income.

Luckily there are others ways to make money.  There is a company that will show you how to make money online and you can check it out without paying for anything.  You can also stay as long as you like it is NOTa free trial and then they charge you after the trial.  Stay as long as you like.

In fact this company trained me to make money online.


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