seo keyword search tool

SEO Keyword Search Tool

When it comes to SEO keyword search tools there are so many options to choose from. But before we get to that and how to research keywords for SEO, we need to talk about what SEO is exactly and how keywords play a big part in it.

What IS SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimization if you didn’t already know. It really is what it sounds like. Optimizing your site for the search engines.

The end goal with any site is to get seen by people or getting traffic. In order to do this the two primary ways are:

  1. Pay to send traffic to your site. You can do this through pay per click advertising for instance.
  2. The second way to get traffic is for free through organic search engine traffic.

Bots, Bots, and More Bots

The simple explanation of how organic traffic works is that the search engines, the biggest one being Google, use what are called bots. They send these bots to check out your site which is also called crawling your site.


When the search engine bots crawl your site they are looking for certain signals to let them know what your site is about, what a post or page is about, and how relevant it will be to a certain search term that someone might be searching for. Obviously this is a really scaled down explanation because the search engines work with algorithms that constantly change so that site owners can’t game the system too much once they figure out what it is that the bots are looking at.

Keywords For Search Engine Optimization

The easiest way to start optimizing your site is by the use of keywords and keyword phrases. Think of keywords and keyword phrases as search terms.

If you were looking for something on Google, what would you type in? That is a keyword phrase. The object of the search term is to send you to the most relevant website for your term. Google’s bots and algorithm help them to determine which sites are going to show up in the results from your search and in which order.

Is Ranking For Google Really That Easy?

Keywords are just the first part or the tip of the iceberg for optimizing your site for Google. Google also looks at how old your site is. how many backlinks your site has and the page rand of the backlinks and whether they are .net, ,com, .edu. etc. How much competition your site topic has. Meta tags, alt tags and on and on. The realty is that nobody really knows what the algorithms are using or looking for.

The Keyword SEO Search Tool I Use

Since keywords can play a large part in getting your site seen by the search engines I try to keep it as simple as possible when doing my keyword research.

I have found a keyword research tool that I really have learned to love. It lets me easily find relevant keywords and phrases, let me see how, why, and where my competitors are ranking. It gives me data about their post length, backlinks, meta tags, and a whole bunch of other information that my competition doesn’t want me to know.

It also lets me save keyword lists, saves a history for me, helps me brainstorm, analyze websites and lots more. I unfortunately don’t feel like I am explaining all that it does adequately so check it out yourself….type in a search term below:


I first learned about this tool because it is incorporated into the Premium membership of an internet marketing education site that I belong to. It also has a free membership that you can use for as long as you want. Check it out below:

Join The Online Education Site: Free Membership As Long As You Like!

or if you would like to read my review of that site you can check that out here.

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