What Is Analysia.com? Can You Make Money Using Analysia?

I am always on the lookout for ways to add an additional income stream to my portfolio.  I was browsing around and found that someone was talking about getting paid for testing sites using Analysia.

What Is Analysia.com?


Analysia.com is a site that is used for web usability testing not unlike Userlytics.com.  You pay them to provide you with data regarding your site or app.  They have testers that check our your site and provide feedback.

  • See how your site visitors get around on your site
  • Hear what your visitors are thinking while they are on your site
  • Find out what you can do to make your site better

For $39 Analysia will gather some info from the site owner and them create a test.

Analysia test

They offer usability test based on several different devices since each device poses its’ own set of challenges.

analysia testing supported devices

How Do You Make Money From Analysia?

Just like most usability testing sites out there the Analysia site has an opportunity for you to become a remote tester.

How To Become A Site Tester With Analysia

Signing up to become a tester is really simple you just have to navigate to the bottom of their homepage,analysia user registration analysia.com.  There you’ll see a link to become a tester.  Once you click on the link you will be taken to the User Registration page.

There you will just have to fill in the simple form to start your registration.

What Happens During A Test?

When you start the test you will be asked to read a few instructions regarding the task they need completed.  When you are doing the requested task/test your screen and audio will be recorded for the client.  It is that simple.

What You Earn For A Usability Test On Analysia

For each test you complete you will earn $10.  They state that each test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Is There A Limit To How Many Tests I Can Do In A Day?

So far all of the information I found about earning some extra money from Analysia sounded great!  Yup too great.  Then I found this on their site about how many tests you can expect to do:

“This opportunity is very popular! Getting paid 10$ for just a few minutes, many testers want that and statistically, they are less customers than testers. So you can not expect to do a test per day. It will depend about your profile as some company needs specific tester profile. But being on the target profile, you can be invited to do a few test per months !”

It doesn’t sound like they can keep the testers that they already have busy with requested tests.  To me this a red flag for anyone that was looking for a consistent income stream.

On the other hand I have to give them kudos for being upfront about what to expect.

Their site itself isn’t very information about the program.  It is basically a portal to either request testing or signing up to be a tester.

Analysia Tester Testimonials

I decided to do a bit more digging to see if I could figure out if any testers were making occasional money from the site.

The only search results that I found were from old forum posts asking if anyone has had earned any money from Analysia.com.  The posts were from 2017 and most of them said that the site looked abandoned.

I don’t know if the site necessarily looks abandoned but it sure does look dated and very simple.

Is Analysia.com Still Operating?

No Analysia TestsThe lack of recorded experiences using the site really made me wonder if it really wasn’t operating anymore.  So I decided to complete my registration to see if the page still worked.  It did.

I continued on to see if there were any tests available and I received a message telling me that there wasn’t.

I thought about sending their support a message to make sure the site is still operational but decided that I’ll just wait and see what happens.

I am not going to expect anything other than I have a feeling that they have way too many registered testers and not enough sites to test.  I know that there are apps that will track a users movement on sites so that the site owner can see how the user visits their site.

This may lead to less people utilizing usability sites.

Another Way To Earn With Analysia

Before leaving the site I noticed that they also offer a referral program.  If you are not familiar with what  a referral program is it is a program that will pay you a commission for sending users to their site that complete an action.

So for every site owner that you send to Analysia.com that signs up and pays for a $39 test, they will pay you 15% of the sale or $5.85.

Or if you refer someone and they become a tester.  They will pay you a whopping $2 for each test your referral completes.

Another name for these programs is an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative once you learn how to do it.  However the payout with the affiliate marketinganalysia affiliate program is not very great.  You would have to have a mess of referrals in order to make any substantial money with their affiliate program.

Even if you could send a bunch of referrals their way it doesn’t appear that they have enough tests for you to earn the $2 for each test completed by your referrals.  Not with any consistency at least.

My Takeaways About Analysia

I don’t think that it would hurt to sign up with their testing program but I would recommend contacting them first, just to double check that they are still operational.

Then I wouldn’t expect many test request emails.  As for their affiliate program.  It is not worth the effort.  You would have to send way too many referrals to make any real income.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing there are so many other opportunities that will pay out up to 75% commissions.  Sometimes even more depending on the action they require to be paid out.

Affiliate marketing is one of my income streams and can easily be learned.  Really there is no risk involved.  If you have some time to give to grow a substantial online income feel free to read the post I did about where I learned how to do affiliate marketing.  Don’t worry it will not cost you anything but I do talk about a program that will give you a FREE membership.  They WON”T even ask for any payment info. Or if you already know that you want to check out the free lessons you can do that too.

Wishing you the best in your search for online income.  Feel free as always to share this post through the social buttons below and/or leave a comment if you like.

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