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What To Think About Affiliate Blogging Ninja

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If you happened to stumble across the Affiliate Blogging Ninja program you might be wondering what to think about it? This program has been around for a hot minute but for the price point $17.22 it might be an ok starting point for someone with no blogging experience.

What Is The Affiliate Blogging Ninja

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Creator Shreya Banerjee

The Affiliate Blogging Ninja program was put together by Shreya Banerjee who claims to be a mommy by day and an affiliate blogging ninja by night.

She’s tried a lot of different ways to make money online including pay per click advertising, article marketing, adsense, eBay, web website flipping, a lot of the things I’m sure many of you have tried before without success.

She didn’t have much success either. She tried for many years and she even gave up 2 times then she figured out what she shares through this program and now she claims that she works very part time hours. Around 2 hours a month and averages in income of about $400 a week. Here is a screenshot of an example of type of income she claims to make working minimal hours.

ABN potential earnings

How ABN Works

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The Affiliate Blogging Ninja system is made up of 6 modules. The modules are comprised of over the shoulder videos explaining different aspects of setting up and operating a blog from scratch to success.

There are 27 different videos in all which total around three hours worth of video. This doesn’t seem like a lot of content for a program but keep in mind that at the time of this review the system is selling for $17.22 so it might not be such a bad deal.

What drew me into looking at this program was the claim that there is no need to write content? This claim really caught my attention because if you have to write content everyday for your blog it takes a lot of time but with her program she shows you how to do it without the need to write content yourself? Well sort of….

At first I thought that maybe she curated information from other sites and used it on her site with proper accreditation. But I found out that she uses PLR products.

PLR products are Private Label Rights products. To shorthand the explanation of PLR: you purchase the “rights” (there are different kinds of rights) so that you can call it your own.

For example you can buy PLR articles and claim that you are the author. The problem however is if other people purchase the same article this could potentially duplicate an article that someone else is using on their site. This could earn you a penalty from the great Google for having duplicate content.

The solution is to rewrite the article to make it unique. This in my opinion kind of defeats the purpose! Why not just write your own content then?

She also shows you ways to get free traffic so there really is minimal initial cost to run the blog. The only additional cost that I found with the program was to actually host your blog (with the exception of buying a domain name). Hosting is usually around $5 -$12 a month, give or take.

You might even be able to find hosting cheaper than 5 bucks because I know bluehost will run specials from time to time so it might even be less than that.

If you decide that you want to go the PLR route this also would be an additional cost. I suggest that you write your own material or maybe a mix of your own stuff and PLR.

Another key point to point out is that because there such minimal cost to run a program like this that you can actually hire a virtual assistant to take care of the blog for you so you don’t really have to do anything.

If you are a parent and have a son or daughter you might be able to turn it over to them and pay them a couple of bucks to run the blog and you’ll still have enough leftover to profit.

Is The Affiliate Blogging Ninja A Scam?

Like I stated before that if you don’t have any idea where to start or how to create an affiliate blog this may be a good starting point. But keep in mind that for less than $20 you will get what you pay for.

The information to set up a wordpress blog and install plugins and so on is quite detailed so it is good for newbies but there is a lot more to blogging than the “make it and they will come” philosophy. She does touch on creating traffic, autoresponders and so forth, but this is a very basic program good for extreme beginners.

I do want to point out the 2 hour claim on the sales pitch. It is very unrealistic to think that you will only have to put in 2 hours of work and reap any reward.

The fact of the matter is that this claim is just sales hype. Plain and simple. Blogging just like any other business takes time and effort. I know you probably don’t want to hear that! But the upside once it starts to gain traction is huge.

Potentially a successful blog will earn enough money so that you, the owner, can pay writers to create content and still earn a really nice income without having to do all of the writing.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that blogging is a great income platform but it takes time and effort to gain traction. It is not going to happen for you with only 2 hours per month.

But once you start to get consistent traffic and money there is a snow ball effect that happens and it affords you the opportunity to somewhat step back from the effort it took to create the success in the beginning.

Conclusion About ABN

So although the Affiliate Blogging Ninja isn’t a scam it isn’t a complete education either. For the price point it could be a good starting point?

For a complete education on affiliate marketing and making a great living online there is only ONE program that I recommend. You can try it for free as long as you like.


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