Zaarly How They Are Different – Can You Make Money With Them?

If I had to sum up what Zaarly is with one word it would be accountability.  If you have ever needed something done, fixed, repaired or whatever needs tending to you may have visited one of the big service provider sites like Angieslist or Homeadvisor.

I don’t know about you but I cringe every time something needs to be fixed around my house.  First off I have no idea what things should cost to be repaired or how to choose the right person for the job.

Who Do My Friends Use, Get A Referral

referralI used to think that asking people I knew for the name of who they used for particular trades like painting or electrical work, was the way to go.  However after doing this I decided that just because they had a good experience with their service provider doesn’t mean that I will have the same experience.

Just to drive the point home…I hired a roofing company that a friend had recommended to tear off, repair and replace the roofing on my 100+ year old Victorian home.

The sales person made an appointment with me, showed up on time and provided all the expected information cost, time-frame etc.

I agreed to have the company do the work and provided my commitment of 1/3 of the estimated cost up front before the work was to begin.

When I asked the sales person when they will start, he said that he would put my job on the calendar but since they were nearing the cold season they were a bit backed up since everyone wanted their job done before the snow started to fly.

No big deal.  So, I waited for them to start.  Waited longer, still longer.  At the time I was extremely busy with other projects of my own so time sort of slipped by and I didn’t really give it much thought.

That is until I received a call from the roofing company’s follow up department.  They were on the phone asking me if I was satisfied with  the job that they did repairing my porch roof!

At that point I realized “oh my god” they didn’t even really have me on the books/calendar.  But wait they took my money and cashed the check a long time ago!

Needless to say I was not happy and spoke with the owner who apologized over and over and asked what he could do to make it right.  Now I was in a pickle since we were getting really close to the snow coming.

Do I stay with this company and give them another chance?  Do I do more research and hire a different company and hope they show up to do the job?  It all seemed like a crap shoot to me.  This is nothing new for me.  I never seem to have good luck hiring anybody to do repair or fixit work that I need done.

What I decided to do was to have the owner refund my money and hire a different company.  The gold lining of the story is that the work was completed and the owner of the first company felt so bad that he refunded the original down payment plus $100 for my trouble.  Needless to say I think of this extra money as sort of a bribe so that I would not bad mouth his company due to my experience with them.

What Makes Zaarly Different?

What makes Zaarly different from other service provider referral sites is that they hold the service Zaarly is differentprovider accountable.  Accountability is the difference!

Other sites work differently than Zaarly.  They most often will require the service providers to pay to join their site in order to get job leads.  Then in the site’s term of service they state that they are not responsible for the job that was done by the service provider.

If you have ever tried to use one of the other sites just to even figure out pricing for a project you will get to see this in action.  I tried to get average pricing on house cleaning services in my area.

Just in order to do this I had to enter a whole bunch of information and then submit it.  What ended up happening was I was hounded by companies trying to get my business.  All I wanted was a general price!  I felt like I was being spammed.

Zaarly is different.  Service providers have to earn the right to partner with them.  They also have to perform at the expected level in order to keep that partnership alive.

Want To Make Money With Zaarly

If you are a service provider and want to hook up with Zaarly to get jobs and make money.  You need to be aware that in order to use their platform you basically need to earn the privilege.

Zaarly does it a bit differently

Zaarly is an invitation only platform for service providers.  You will need to jump through  some hoops if you want to partner with them.

Each business must complete a 9-step vetting process, including a phone interview, criminal background check, customer references check, and finally, a face-to-face interview with our team.

Yes, we interview every business owner face-to-face.

Service Providers Held Accountable

  • $100 No Show, No Call Penalty – if a service provider doesn’t show up and doesn’t message at least an hour beforehand, we charge them $100 and give it to you. Talk about making lemonade from lemons.

  • If a provider is slow or unresponsive, they are deactivated until they improve while they are coached by the team at Zaarly.

  • If a provider does shoddy work, we ensure they pay your refund.

  • If a provider is unprofessional, we suspend them from Zaarly.

  • If a provider is repeatedly unreliable, we end our partnership with them.

Zaarly would rather lose money by honoring their guarantee than losing even a little bit of their reputation.

Zaarly Has A Limited Service Area

This really disappointed me.  Here I thought I finally found a way to vet people for things that I needed assistance with.  Also a company that would help keep the companies on the site accountable.

Currently the service areas in which you can use Zaarly are limited and are as follow:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • Minneapolis
  • Northern Virginia

It appears that each service area offers slightly different services at this time. Here are some of the services available in the Kansas City locale.

Zaarly Kansas City Services

So I guess for at least the current time I’m stuck with relying on either recommendations from friends and family or the big players in the service provider arena online.

What To Think Of The Zaarly Platform

If I lived in the areas that Zaarly serviced I would definitely utilize them if I had a need.

Also if I was a service provider, which I currently am (I own and operate a small service company) and live in one of the areas listed on their site.  I would most likely partner with them by going through the vetting process.

Personally, with my own service business I have decided to stop trying to grow that business but in turn grow one of my other businesses (currently I have 3…not really an overachiever I just don’t like all of my eggs in one basket…multiple income streams=income stability).

I did a post about how I learned about one of my income streams.  If you are looking for a somewhat passive income you can read about it here.  It does take a bit of time become consistent but it is something you can do on the side to start.

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